The United Kingdom is renowned as the most haunted country on Earth. The British Isles are also rich in folklore regarding fairies, witches, giants, dragons and all manner of strange superstitions and customs.

But supernatural activity is as prevalent today in Britain as it has always been. Ghosts haunt our homes and highways, weird animals prowl our moors and fields, fairies are still to be glimpsed.

Uncanny UK is an online magazine devoted to the supernatural in Britain. Every week at least one new article will be uploaded, on British ghosts, fairies, witchcraft or alien animals.

We are always interested in receiving true accounts of supernatural activity in Britain. Have you seen a ghost or a fairy, or experienced a poltergeist? If you have a personal account or a family story to share, please tell us about it! Send it to: editor@uncannyuk.com

Beware! Ghost eyes may be watching you

Headless ghosts are common in folklore. Considerably more bizarre are the apparitions which not only have no head but no body either. All that remains of them are ghost eyes peering out of the Otherworld and into the startled eyes … Continue reading

Female phantoms in haunted London pubs

Taken from my e-book ‘Haunted Sites of London’, here is a selection of haunted London pubs, where ghostly women – some beautiful, some ghastly – have joined the spirits behind the bar. The Horns, Crucifix Lane, just round the corner … Continue reading

Anatoly’s visit – a ghost of the living

ROBERT SNOW, former general secretary of the Ghost Club, writes to tell us of an extraordinary personal experience in which he was visited by a ghost of the living, the apparition of a friend whose regular contact by normal means … Continue reading

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