Independent witnesses

When two or more people quite unknown to each other see the same ghost at different times, surely it must exist?
By Richard Holland

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence for the existence of a ghost – indeed of ghosts in general – is when someone sees it and is able to describe it as others have seen it without having had prior knowledge of it. I’ve just found a good example of this scenario in another book by Frederick George Lee DD, ‘Sights and Shadows’, published in 1894. (Lee’s books contain many unfamiliar stories but his tendency to clutter up his work with uncompromising Theology is presumably the reason they have rarely been reprinted and therefore hard to acquire).

Lee describes an incident which occurred to his sister, a Mrs Mackeson, but unfortunately suppresses the location, presumably to spare the feelings of the householders. All we know is that it took place somehwere in Scotland: ‘My sister, while staying in an old Scotch residence this year (1893), awoke on night and saw a light, for which she could not account, at the end of a toilet-table, and shortly after there was the appearance of an old woman, like a nurse, bending over and looking into a travelling runk. The figure remained there some time.

‘Mentioning to her hostess the next day that she had seen something very strange in the night, the former hurriedly replied, “Was it an old woman like a nurse? My brother-in-law always says he sees her in that room at the end of the toilet-table.”

‘The family knew nothing to account for the apparition.’

There must be dozens – maybe hundreds – more such examples of people seeing a ghost which they are able to accurately describe ina  way that tallies with previous sightings, but of which they had no previous knowledge. In any more commonplace situation – maybe even in a court of law – this would be taken as inarguable evidence. How could anyone guess at the existence of an apparition of an old nurse in a precise location in a particualr bedroom? Clearly, she must have seen it (and indeed vice versa – her evidence corroborates the earlier sightings).

It would be well worth compiling a volume of such occurrences – it would form a compelling body of evidence indeed.

[Source: 'Sights and Shadows' by F G Lee, 1894].


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