Top 50 Most Haunted Places in Britain – 15

The suggested chart of the most haunted places in Britain compiled by Uncanny UK editor Richard Holland continues with one of Scotland’s most iconic sites.

15. CULLODEN MOOR, Inverness, Highland

Culloden Moor is the site of the last major battle to be fought on British soil (on April 16, 1746) and is certainly one of the most haunted. Phantom soldiers have been seen on the anniversary of the battle, in which the Jacobite forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie were defeated by an army under the command of the Duke of Cumberland.

Strange lights and the sounds of battle have also been reported and one man claimed to have seen a vision of the opposing armies in the sky above the field as he looked out of the window of a passing train. There is also said to be the ghost of a Highlander who mutters the word ‘Defeated’ before vanishing before the eyes of startled witnesses. St Mary’s Well on the battlefield is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of Jacobites.

Perhaps the oddest story recorded from Culloden is the one related by a visitor to the battlefield in 1936. She lifted up a square of Stuart tartan cloth that had blown down from a memorial stone and onto a grave and saw beneath it the prone body of a handsome young Highlander. Realising she was witnessing something uncanny, she fled the field.

The ghost of Bonnie Prince Charlie himself, dressed in green tartan, is said to haunt nearby Culloden House. 

[SOURCE: Phantom Footsteps by A A Macgregor; The Jacobites and the Supernatural by Geoff Holder]

Text © Richard Holland 2011

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